Today, I suddenly remembered a word I was given many years ago and it may be encouraging for some of you. Let’s rewind ten years. My Mum had just announced she was divorcing my Dad and I decided to spend Christmas anywhere other than home. My then boyfriend (now husband) said, ‘Great, where are we going?’ He decided to join me.

I really wanted to go to New York and it was far enough away from England to switch off. So we booked our flights and a place to stay. On Christmas Day, we ice skated in Central Park, ate a buffet lunch with lots of others in a beautiful church (the name escapes me), went up to the top of the Empire State Building, and watched the sun go down with a cocktail from the top of the Rockerfeller Center. We put up fairy lights and listened to Frank Sinatra, we talked and wandered around the city, with it’s magical lights and sharp air. I don’t think I’ve ever felt freer. It was, apart from the underlying emotions I was dealing with, perfect. 

The memories of those four days drift back into my mind from time to time, and they bring a smile to my face. But there is one memory, in particular, that has really stayed with me. We went to Times Square Church on the Sunday Evening. It’s in a huge old theatre and we were up at the back. I don’t remember the message, but after the service we made our way down to the entrance and I looked up, noticing a man watching me. He stood watching me for a while and then disappeared. I felt a bit unnerved, especially when he reappeared right in front of me! Initially, I wanted to walk away but he had a message for me, and one that helps me time and time again.

He said he had watched me from the balcony above, and he felt the Lord telling him to tell me that, just has his son Jesus had looked up and saw Zacchaeus in Luke 19, and told him to come down because he would stay at his house, Jesus wanted to say to me that he sees me, that has not forgotten me or forsaken me and that he wants to come to my house that day and spend time with me.

I was so blown away. The guy speaking to me was a gentle men with a French accent. I have no idea who he was but the Lord used him to bring me comfort. It must have taken boldness on his part. Those words smashed right through the pain and turmoil that I was feeling as my family began to fall apart, and they reminded me that it is Jesus who we need to spend time with, it is he who comforts and heals, and he does not forget us. In our pain he reaches out and takes our hand.

So, today these words are for you: He has not forgotten you. He sees you. He is there for you.