Hi there,

Although I haven’t posted much lately I have been reading your blogs so thank you for all your inspiring posts. I really enjoy them…so much wisdom! My aunt, sadly, has been diagnosed with terminal cancer in the last few weeks. It’s taken a while to sink in and has come as a total shock. She has lung cancer and has never smoked. It has made me think hard about life, in all it’s twists and turns. I lost my best friend to brain cancer/tumor just 4 years ago and very few days go by where I don’t miss her or wish I could pick up the phone and talk. I know many people have lost loved ones and it jolts you into the harshness and reality of life. I had a conversation with God yesterday that went like this (forgive the me/him style – not sure how else to write it):

Me: Lord, you lost your son. But it was brief. We lose these people for a long time before we see them again in eternity.

Him: I am eternity.

Me: Yes, I guess I forget that. You have Jesus for eternity.

Him: And I have set eternity in the hearts of men.

Me: Yes.

Him: And for as long as you are on this earth there is more for you to do.

Ok so it sounds crude in the way it is set out but I have regular conversations with him like this and lots of questions. Some of which he doesn’t answer or he responds with more questions or statements that get me thinking. When they draw me to a bible verse like this one from Ecclesiastes 3:11 I look it up and read it in context and then just let it wash through my mind. This particular verse “He has set eternity in the hearts of men,” goes on to say “Yet noone can fathom what God has done from beginning to end.”

It’s true that we have no idea how or why he does things the way he does but when we find peace in his will it puts the tragic circumstances of life in a different light and helps me to know that he is good. He is always good. He reminded me that we are here for the time that he allows and he has things for us to do each day that he gives us the gift of life. Yesterday as I stood behind a lady in a queue in a supermarket I felt an urgent need to pray for her, for God’s blessing, for healing and for deliverance and salvation. I haven’t felt that intensity or heavy weight of someone else’s need for a while but when it happens I know that I need to drop all my thoughts, drop what I’m doing and pray. I didn’t see her face but I felt something of her heart. Call it prophecy, intuition, discernment. I’m not really sure which but it doesn’t matter. What matters is that God laid this woman on my heart or at least put her right under my nose, I prayed, he heard and then I moved on with the day. All in the space of a few minutes. I know nothing of her life or her situation and experiences but for some reason she needed prayer. That moment left an imprint on my heart. If I had done nothing else yesterday  I know that was a critical moment. There are lots of moments and opportunities which present themselves to us each day, and each day that we are here on earth is of value to God, in our communion with him, our thoughts and conversations with him, our time with others, with our families and friends. In using our gifts, our time, our service. Each day is of value to him. And when we’ve run the race set before us we know that we will be with him for eternity. We’ll be reunited with loved ones that we have lost and we’ll be with him, with our Father in heaven. Our names have been written in the book of life! What a phenomenal inheritance? How can we not be amazed by the truth that he has set eternity in our hearts? We need to pray for more names to be written into the book! Yes, my friends, we need to pray.