As I was chatting to God this morning and praying I thought about some recent prophecies I’ve shared with friends and I honestly couldn’t remember what I’d said to them. Thinking back to prophecies I’ve shared at church in the past I couldn’t tell you any of them now. I honestly don’t remember what I’d said. As I tried to recall something I heard the words, “It’s not your burden.” When God gives you a word for someone you can feel burdened and then it goes. As someone once told me it’s like posting a letter. There’s a message, you write it, you post it, it’s gone.

And as much as this applies to prophecy it also applies to burdens we carry that are not ours to carry. I realised I had a message for today with those words, “It’s not your burden.” There are at least a couple of people who read my blog who weighed on my mind as I thought about this so this message is for you and and for anyone who is carrying a burden that is not theirs to carry. Whether is it a burden of pain in your life, an expectation from a friend or relative or a responsibility which you have taken on which is not yours to carry, God’s words for you today are’ “It’s not your burden.” Lay it down before him, picture the cross and kneel down before Jesus in your mind. Give him your cares and worries and anything which is not yours to carry. He loves you so much that he wants to take your burden. Lay it down and know that his yoke is easy and his burden is light.