I love worship more than anything in this life, to worship the King of Kings, and it makes my spirit soar to heights I can only experience in constancy when I reach heaven, but for now those moments and glimpses of him, of his spirit, are enough. The lyrics sum up, for me, our purpose on this earth, to exalt him.

His presence is a sweet fragrance and without him I am nothing. He is worthy of our highest praise. Nothing can separate us from his love, no powers, dominions or anything else in this world can separate us from the love of God, our Heavenly Father.


I was reading Job recently and wondering how his suffering affected his ability to worship God. Although he clearly wrestles with the attacks he is subjected to, he never accuses God of injustice. He lives a righteous, ‘blameless’ life yet God still says to him, “Happy is the man who God corrects.”  Wow! The enemy seeks to destroy him and, after a long, long battle in an agonizing 42 chapters of the book of Job, God gives him a double portion. A double portion. God blessed Job’s later life more than the first part of his life. It was after all this suffering and conflict that God blessing him two-fold.


Our response to suffering and persecution of any kind must be to exalt God. He deserves our highest praise. There was one thing in my life which seemed to have remained untouched by difficulties or opposition and for that I thanked God. Then, suddenly, it was removed and I lost my peace for a while but God prompted me to praise him through the storm and it has taught me something profound. Something no sermon or book could teach me. It taught me that there is nothing the enemy can’t unsettle and, simultaneously, nothing that can separate us from our father. It has taught me that praising him through the storms of life is the only way to find peace in him.


I will exalt you Lord.