……….to those of you from the UK near and far!


It got me thinking as I received a beautiful home-made card with flowers and drawings. My relationship with my Mum was hard. She has had a difficult life from what she has told me and she found it hard to show affection. She still does even today. I know she loves me but she finds it hard to show it. I played the parent role for so many years that it took its toll from time to time. Even now I listen to her problems and try to support her but the only thing that will solve her issues and heal her pain is the Lord. His salvation and resurrection power.


He has sustained me through so many twists in the road and for that I can’t express in words how I feel. Worship and praise is my only response to his endless grace and his loving power. I have had many prophecies over the years about the salvation of my Mum and my sister and several powerful dreams. For that I am thankful but the reality, for the moment, remains that they don’t yet know Christ.


I have an amazing Dad whose faith, which began when I was five years old, inspired me so much. His persistence in praying with me and my sister, in reading the bible and in talking about God has made me, in part, the person who I am today. I am so grateful for his insights, his prayer life and his inspirational love of God. The difference in my parents belief systems sadly blew their marriage and our family apart seven years ago but I trust that God is at work and will heal my Mum’s pain. She hides it by keeping busy and burying herself in friends and work and painting. But it’s there, the hurt that she can’t shake off. A hurt which is heartbreaking to watch as a daughter but God is more than able to meet her needs.


My prayer on this special day is for my Mum and for myself as a Mum to show Christ to our kids, to teach them what my Dad taught me, that God is the Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Last and that nothing, nothing in this life deserves more of our time than him.


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