This past week has been hard with high fevers in the house and numerous doctors trips but I am so grateful to God for  his goodness, his love, his mercy and his care for us. He truly meets our every need and loves us so much that he listens, even to the small things, the thoughts that we share with him through the day. His ways are perfect, his ways are higher than our ways and he works all things for the good of those who love him according to his will.

We have two friends who lost their babies this week during pregnancy. One was in a critical state and on oxygen and needed a transfusion and it made me realise how precious life is, how precious we are to him. How much our lives are held in his hands. I’m so grateful that these friends lives were spared. In many countries women don’t have access to the medical care which can save their lives. I’m so sad for their loses but so grateful that he understands their pain and that he heals. He is a pure, righteous and loving God and it is in the storms of life that we remember his power in our weakness.

I will praise him for I am fearfully and wonderfully made.