This morning, after a particularly challenging few days, I felt the warmth and compassion of a stranger. This stranger existed in the form of a lady selling medicine at the chemist. She has seen me trudge in and out through the winter collecting various drugs and antibiotics for different members of the family and she smiled.

I looked up at her and realised she’d seen snippets of my life, just the moments when I have asked her what needs to be taken and when, what might boost the immune system and she has offered advice and kindness over the months. Although not a complete stranger, this lady knows nothing of my life outside the four walls of the chemist except that it has been challenging.

She smiled as though she knew me and for a moment it was like greeting an old friend but she doesn’t know me, she is just an exceptionally kind and warm-hearted woman and I thank God for her. As I drove home I asked him to prompt me to be able to show that same kindness to strangers that I meet, to be kind to people whose lives I don’t know about besides an encounter at the supermarket or with the homeless man on the street selling papers.

I thank God today for the kindness of strangers, it means more to me than they will ever know.