One day a child planted a small sunflower seed in the ground. She looked up at her Father and said “Daddy this is tiny. Are you sure a flower will grow from what I have planted?”

Her Father smiled and said “Yes, my dear child. It will be beautiful, large and colourful. Beyond anything you can imagine.” “But it’s so small'” replied his daughter. He took her hand and led her to the water. “We must water it well,” he said knowingly, “So that it grows and is healthy.”

They watched through the kitchen window each day to see what would happen. “You see when it grows it will be used for many, many things,” the Father told her. He continued, “The seeds it produces can be used to made food to feed people, colours to paint things to make them beautiful and bright, oil for engines and even fuel. But most importantly medicines and ointments to heal people.”

As they watched over the next few months and waited a flower head appeared and people came to see it and admire the colours. The little girl was so glad that she hadn’t doubted her father when he told her how it would grow and be used.

My prayer today is that God would show me which seeds to plant and give me great faith that he will bring growth and blessing and water them by his spirit.