“When things do not go as we expect them to it is a hidden blessing to learn to trust the Lord all the more fully!” Bob Hotchkin.

Bob Hotchkin is a wonderful, prophetic and Godly man who I sadly missed at our church last year. He travels the world sharing God’s love and inspiring prophetic insights and this one just grabbed my attention this evening as I sit down for the first time today! Prophecy is something I’m really passionate about so sometimes words shared just jump out at me and get my attention!

The reason for my affiliation with these particular words  is that there are things which I’ve prayed and fasted long and hard for which God has withheld for many reasons. Some of those reasons I will never see this side of heaven. I’m reminded so often of the fact that God’s ways are so much higher, his vision sees so much further down the road and he knows us inside out, he knows the situations we are in or even could be in if certain routes are taken.

My point is that each time our plans are thwarted we return to him and are blessed in very different ways. I’m so slow to learn that God will not allow what he will not allow and he will bless what he chooses to bless, when and how he chooses to. So the bottom line here is that what he shuts noone can open an what he opens noone can shut.

Praise him that he has good and perfect plans for our lives, plans which are not ours but HIS and his alone.