As I was reading the story of Noah building the ark to my eldest this evening I contemplated the ridiculousness of actually building an ark on that scale on dry land with absolutely no water in sight. I tried to imagine the scene with every kind of animal walking in two by two….crocodiles, pigs, grizzly bears, elephants, hippos, monkeys, goats!! Honestly if you saw a picture like this today what might you do? If you were a friend of Noah’s you’d be kind of worried.

But the bible is full of stories of God asking and guiding people to do the ridiculous. God asked Moses to speak to a rock to get water (although he eventually struck it.) Jonah was asked to go to the most hard hearted group of people and preach the kingdom…..and we all know his journey via the whale’s insides! David ended up facing his giant, Goliath.

The prophets had a hard time too. Hosea was asked to take a wife who would become a prostitute as an example of God’s relationship with Israel. Imagine for a moment God asking you to do some of these seemingly outrageous things with no end result in sight. If I’m really honest I think I would have shrunk into a corner and hoped it would all go away but throughout the bible these stories just illustrate God’s unending faithfulness and an incredible love and purpose for his people. Rebellious people, ungodly people, idol worshiping people and grumbling people.

If the story of Noah and the ark shows us anything of God’s nature it illustrates to us that he will choose the humble to do the ridiculous to redeem people who he loves utterly and unconditionally. Is God asking you to do something difficult or scary? Does the future seem a bit hazy? Are you feeling in the dark about your direction? Know that we trust in an awesome God and our hope in him does not disappoint. He is always with us and for us and if he is for us who can be against us?

So if God guides you to take a step but you don’t know the outcome or you are afraid put your hope in a God who foresees the flood, foresees the rebellion, foresees the giants remember that your faith is in things unseen. In the world’s eyes it’s the ridiculous, in God’s eyes it’s faith.