Tonight at church during the worship I sensed a glimpse of heaven. Often when I worship I am reminded that it is the closest thing to heaven on earth. It is the one and only thing which envelops me in the love of God. Words can’t describe the intensity of worship, the heights which it takes you to and the intimacy with God alone.

This week God has reminded me that worship is the single most important thing in our lives, he has designed us to worship him, to need him and to sing of his greatness. I sensed him say to me “as you praise me, as you worship me among the nations, so I will bless you.” I realised that I am already among the nations. We live in a city with many people from many different cultures and most of our friends are not yet saved.

Our lives are the very fragrance of God, his spirit lives in us and breathes through us. If we can get past our sin, our doubts, the enemy’s untruthful accusations and push through to worship him doors will open in our lives and we will learn to shift our focus onto him who saves.

“He is good, his love endures forever.”