Well Christmas was challenging. Time was spent with relatives who are not yet saved and are dancing to a very different tune. The chaos came and went and the reason for Christmas seemed to get brushed to one side somewhere between putting other people’s cards up and dishing out endless amounts of food.

Why am I writing this when it doesn’t seem very uplifting? I have been reminded of God’s  grace through the storm. He keeps us in the eye of the storm to stop us spinning with the wind. The journey to get to our destination for the festive season was grueling and we have returned to an even greater supply of antibiotics from the doctor for 3 out of 4 of us!! Despite the mountains of washing and the lack of normality I feel God’s peace reign in my life each and every day.

My own mum hurled accusations at me born out of her own hurt and pain but instead of crushing me they have turned me towards my heavenly Father with the reminder that I am his and the only opinion of me that counts on this earth is his. The only voice I will answer to is his and the only hope I have is in him. It is a hope that will not disappoint because he loves us utterly and has prepared a place for us.

So when the things of this life make you lose hope put your hope in the father of creation, the father who knows every hair on your head, knows the plans he has for you and knows the thoughts that are too deep for you to utter.

Every blessing to anyone reading this for the year ahead and beyond.