Every morning there is a smile on one of the car windows and it never fails to make me smile. The rascals who are the boys next door draw smiley faces in the layer of dust on the car each day and no matter how often I clean the car there is building work going on all around us and the dust layer just comes back again the next day.

The smiley faces could just get annoying but they don’t, they always cheer me up on the grey drizzly days and that, I realise, is how we should be greeting Jesus. Our Lord deserves our worship each and every single day and in the frenetic activity of the mornings I forget to say ‘hello’, to thank him for his blessings and to just worship him. This morning I just thanked him for everything he has done and will do, thanked him for the boys and asked for his blessing on them and remembered that the Lord enjoys our smiles šŸ™‚