I was moulding clay at the weekend when God stopped me in my tracks and said “This is how I need your heart to be. When it is hardened it can shatter and chip and crack. I need to be able to mould your heart in order to use you. I can’t use a heart that chips and shatters.”

There are times recently when my heart feels as though it has crumbled a little or cracked in places and I wonder how I can guard against the pain. I went to church later in the day having heard God speak to me about having a mouldable heart, so to speak, and the message was all about God using difficult situations and difficult people to soften your heart, to carve out the decay so that he can use you to forgive, show mercy and be humble. The preacher said that when God puts a call on your life he challenges you with difficulties to refine you.

I believe we all have a call in many different ways and that as christians we forget that it means we have to take up a cross. Jesus bore insult, rejection and betrayal with a grace that we can only hope to achieve and his words were “forgive them for they know not what they have done.” We forget that many times when we perceive injustices, whether in our own lives, or on a global scale the words apply they know not what they have done.

I pray that God will soften my heart so that no insult will be too great to bare, no rejection too painful to surmount and no betrayal too crushing to move beyond. He didn’t forgive us so that we would just tolerate difficult people, he sent his son to die the most torturous death so that we would love, so that we would show mercy and so that we would become humble enough to look beyond our pain and be Christ in people’s lives.