“Something has got to give ‘cos I can’t wait to live”………..says Sara Bareilles

So how far do we have to go to get to God. There’s no distance except our stubbornness, disappointment and unwillingness to just sit in his presence. This year has been the loneliest of my life but you know God is still here and we don’t have to travel to get to him.

There are days when I can be positive and remember that he is an awesome God but there are days like today when I just need a padded cell to melt down where noone can hear me. Ever get those days or is it just me?

The thing is we are often waiting to just live when we are supposed to be living in today, living as though it were our last. If it were our last would we wonder if there were any words of love left unspoken? Would we do things that otherwise we might just shelve?