Jesus was angry enough to turn tables in the temple. As I child I found this really shocking. The Jesus I had grown up with who seemed so meek, mild and, well diplomatic in my naive view. When you study the scriptures you see a God who didn’t always answer questions the way people expected him to, often answering people with another question, he broke many of the social norms, he took himself away to quiet places and he was ruthless in his response to the pharisees when he called them a ‘brood of vipers.’

In my frustration over a situation recently God shifted my focus and asked me a question. He asked me how I could care about a wrong that had happened when the person didn’t know Jesus, when their destiny was at stake and he challenged me to see that our anger or frustration should not be directed towards a person but towards the enemy who ‘seeks to steal, kill and destroy. Instead God says that he has ‘come that they may have life and life to the full.’

Imagine if we shifted every inch of blame or hurt in any offence towards the enemy and handed it to God praying for the salvation of those who are lost.